College Success

Failure to launch? Coaching can help.

Students across the country are struggling with balancing their mental health, independent living skills, and executive functioning issues in addition to academic success. Intelligent and talented young adults are finding it hard to make the grade in school when they also need help with other life skills.

LifeTutors understands collegiate success also depends on time management, keeping appointments, emotional regulation, and a variety of other executive functioning skills.

Coaching can be a mental health support in addition to therapy and psychiatry for young adults who need help planning for the future and executing short term goals. LifeTutors walks with you every step of the way from mapping out to accomplishing goals you create for yourself. By building confidence and self-reliance through motivational interviewing and SMART goals, our young adult life coaches partner with you to create successful outcomes.

Our Collegiate Achievement Program is designed to assist college students with mental health concerns in their everyday life as well as in the classroom with targeted resources to support academic as well as whole-life success.

LifeTutors also offers parent coaching and partners with ancillary providers and academic support, coordinating a team to create whole life wellness and health for life.

If you are looking for an executive function coach near me or an adhd coach for your young adult, don’t hesitate to email [email protected] or call 828-417-7122. College success is probable with the right tools, guides, and resources!