Parent Coaching


Greta Lutman

Growing an adult is quite different then raising a child; it’s certainly true that parenting a young adult calls for adjusting the dynamics between a parent and their teenager. Navigating the maze of wants and needs, internal vs. external motivation, and learning personal responsibility is a whole new set of developmental tasks to engage. 

As an emerging adult stretches towards tasks of independence, accountability and wellness, the role parents play shifts from holding a contained space into helping build a collaborative web of support and boundaries for their children. Adulting in today’s day and age requires nuanced attention to values, motivation, and organizing our increasingly complex lives. Balancing self-care and achievement with mental health needs, executive function demands, and personal accountability can present primary obstacles for success in real time. This is true for both twentysomethings as well as those of us who have been adulting for decades. Those on the autism spectrum, an ADHD diagnosis, neurodivergence or mental health concerns may have an even more difficult experience managing executive functioning issues and completing tasks. 

Parents at this stage may find themselves walking along a path parallel to, but separated from their child. Parent coaching sessions can include support and guidance through Motivational Interviewing, ACT and mindfulness based skills. Parenting is often a balance between attunement and boundaries, and parent coaching steps in to refine and support this process.

At LifeTutors, we offer in-person life coaching to young adults, and offer parent coaching to support their process as well. This may include identifying boundaries and responsiveness with their child, or exploring their own emotional regulation, communication and relational skills and goals. Our experienced parent coaches offer guidance to moms, dads and guardians as well as the family system as a whole for family wellness.  

We offer parent coaching to our families in our highest level of care and as additional support for those with young adults stepping more strongly into independence. If your family is struggling to find steadiness in the midst of your young adult’s life transitions, reach out to us to discover how we may be a helpful resource.