Parent Coaching

Our Parent Coach Greta Lutman


Parent Coaching

As parents of birth or adopted children, most of us have heard the phrase- ‘They don’t come with an instruction manual’. 

For even the most prepared parents, the task of raising well adapted and balanced children into adulthood presents endless challenges and can often overwhelm and damage the family system. 

Outside family members or friends often have no idea of the stress the family is enduring and the level of emotional, and often financial strain, the parents are experiencing. Parents may feel embarrassed or shameful about their seeming inability to exert proper parental control. The truth is that often adolescents and young adults are consuming the emotional capital of the whole family and parents can feel as if they are being held hostage by demands of their child. Countless parents have tried so many strategies to support forward progress with little to no success. This dynamic is where, we at LifeTutors, can come in to support lasting change within the family dynamics. 

 With over 40 years of experience, our veteran parent coaches can help parents learn beneficial and effective parenting skills. With support, parents can begin to re-build healthier emotional connections, draw clear boundaries and allow balance and peace within the family system 

LifeTutors has an outstanding parenting coach- Greta Lutman. By allowing your adolescent or young adult to have their own LIfeTutor who works on effective healthy strategies for success, parents can then focus on their own struggles and specifically on ways to change negative family patterns and bring the relationships back into harmony. By addressing the family patterns, parents can find hope and see positive growth in their loved ones and their families.