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LifeTutors is a small, non-residential, clinically informed coaching and mentoring program. We work with young adults who are seeking whole life wellness and independent living skills to promote positive behavioral change. Call us today to discuss if LifeTutors is right for your family.

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Young Adult Independence
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Our coaches provide support for those transitioning toward young adult independence through clinically informed coaching. We work to help them establish healthy living habits, positive relationships, and move toward financial and career goals.

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College Transitions
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Going to college, or going back, is a big step. Our Collegiate Achievement program gives students the advantage they need to finish strong.

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What We Do

LifeTutors is a goal-oriented and outcome-driven coaching support program. We work with our clients helping them "do all the things" as one student put it after receiving their associate's degree. Following through and achieving goals can be a daunting task for many young adults; especially if they have faced failure in the past. We walk with them through day to day living where the rubber meets the road.

Young adults in need of mentoring, resiliency, or therapeutic support can be vulnerable to the freedoms of independent living. We meet our clients where they live, where they work, where they study, where support is needed to make sure progress doesn’t fall through the cracks or hope is lost because of one bad day. We engage our clients in their world, and support them in building the life they would like to build.

We help young adults "do all the things" to ensure the foundation for independence is strong and success is sustainable.

Back to School. Back to Work. Back to Life.



Our initial evaluation includes an intake of clinical, academic, and vocational records to see if the person is a good fit for the LifeTutors program and what program is appropriate. We complete a review of previous assessments, treatment notes, and other past histories or may use personality and career assessments to get more clarity before we begin the planning process.


School. Work. Career

We work together with the client and family to hear about hopes and dreams turning them into practical long and short-term goals.  We identify resources and work opportunities and develop a Wellness Action Plan telling us what to do when challenges arise. Once the Wellness Plan is made a three-person coaching team is assigned and scheduled, supervised by our Clinical Director.



Coming from treatment or therapeutic care can make independence seem intimidating. Our clinically informed coaching model involves a three-person clinically supervised coaching team. We focus on healthy living habits, work and career goals, daily living, budget planning, positive community, and recreation as hallmarks of successful and sustainable independence.


What Our Clients Say