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Stephen Wollentin

Stephen is a graduate of Western Carolina University and has been a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor since 2015.  He specializes in neurofeedback, which is a brain training technique that utilizes the principles brain plasticity and operant conditioning to assist people in altering their own electrical brain activity, called EEG, to be more efficient and well-regulated.  Developed and refined over the course of several decades, neurofeedback has gained increased attention for its ability to safely and effectively improve mental health and wellbeing and address symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, sleep disorders, addictions issues, etc.  He also offers qEEG assessments (aka “brain mapping”), which serve to identify areas of disregulation within the brain by comparing brain activity to an age-normed database, which serves as a guide for neurofeedback training.  What he loves about his job is the opportunity to witness people achieving what they did not think possible and to destigmatize mental health by helping people understand the physiological basis of their mental health concerns. When he isn’t helping people to train their brains, he likes to run forest trails with his dog Piper, get his hands dirty in his vegetable garden, create various culinary delights in his kitchen, and cultivate his skills as an amateur wood-worker.