Young Adults, Students, and Families

 LifeTutors works with families and young adults to identify areas of growth and change. We partner with our clients to promote behavioral and emotional wellness in the achievement of short and long term goals. Call us to discuss if our program is a fit for you.


  • Young Adults age 17 to 30+ and their Families
  • People in need of mentoring and resiliency support
  • Students struggling with the burdens of class, homework and time management
  • Those who are post treatment for mental health or substance use conditions
  • Individuals seeking independent living situations
  • School and Work or Career Focused
  • Struggling with Life Balance & Time Management
  • Receptive to Coaching & Advising
  • Struggling with Positive Socialization
  • Needing to Connect with Community

We are a therapeutically informed, non-therapeutic coaching program for young adults.

We serve individuals from the student who just needs a little help making it through the semester to those with clinically complex conditions seeking independence.

We can help you find the support that best suits your needs in achieving your goals.