What is WholeLIFE? 

WholeLIFE is an approach to health and wellness that supports collaborative care and comprehensive coaching considering all areas of one’s life. It offers a framework for the coaching process and ensures that the young adult remains at the center of their own wellness journey.


WholeLIFE helps our coaches work with a young adults through their change process, relying on all areas of thier life both externally and internally.  Externally this includes family, religion, relationships, spirituality, education, occupation, media, society, culture and more. Internally, this includes thoughts, behaviors, emotions, physical body, energy, and more.


All of our coaches are required to earn their certification based on the principles of the WholeLIFE model and best coaching practices while working with LifeTutors participants.

The Life Integration Wheel

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A key tool that we utilize both formally and informally in coaching appointments is the Life Integration Wheel. The Life Integration Wheel explores balance across all life domains to include relationships with others, life purpose, one’s emotional self, financial wellness, play & fun and more.

Participants rate these categories from 1 - 10 and then dig into how balanced (or unbalanced) their life is at that particular moment in time. Goals have been set, heart-felt conversations have ensued, awareness has been raised, and growth has been celebrated through the regular and repeated use of this tool.

The Life Integration Wheel gives a visual representation of one’s life experience at any given moment and allows the young adult to lean into their inherent power to create the life that they ultimately desire.