What is WholeLIFE? 


WholeLIFE is an approach to health and wellness based on theory and research that supports collaborative care and comprehensive coaching considering all areas of one’s life. 


WholeLIFE helps providers work with a client through a change process relying on all areas of one’s life both externally and internally.  Externally this includes family, religion, relationships, spirituality, education, occupation, media, society, culture and more. Internally, this would include our thoughts, behaviors, emotions, physical body, energy, and more.


A WholeLife coach considers all areas of life in order to effectively collaborate with their client. 


About the Author

Jared DuPree, PhD, MBA


Professor- Entrepreneur- Author


Owner of the Center for Couples & Families with 23 locations in Texas, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, California, Colorado and Utah. Founder of the WholeFit program and approach designed to assist professionals, clinics, hospitals, corporations and individuals in holistic care of weight management, chronic illness, life balance, stress management, and overall quality of life through outpatient services and/or corporate wellness programs. Currently growing a new company, Health & Wellness Solutions, LLC focused on providing education, training, publications (e.g., St. George Health & Wellness Magazine – www.saintgeorgewellness.com), and resources to healthcare and wellness professionals and the general public.