Our History

Established 2018 in Asheville, North Carolina, LifeTutors began providing coaching and mentoring services for young adults who were transitioning between residential treatment back to home and community living with a goal of ultimate adult independence.

Over the years, LifeTutors has strategically expanded to serve a larger population of young adults, to include those struggling or transitioning into college, work and career, along with positive self-awareness, productive family communication and healthy peer relationships.

Our WholeLIFE™ Certified coaches focus on integrity, accountability, and respect- for self and others. Our Clinical Director, Andrea Morris, approaches her work with our families and LifeClients from a strength-based, wellness, and resiliency perspective. Our unique work is clinically-informed, including a client driven wellness plan, SMART goals and our three-person collaborative coaching team model.



We did our research and listened to what young adults and their families really needed! We found that young adults seeking independence in real-time, in their own communities, were most effectively supported by our ‘service without walls ’approach. We found little use for a brick and mortar office, and began to see that our partnerships with young adults and their families were happening where they live, where they work, where they go to school, etc. We also found that we could be even more effective by ensuring that we deliver true continuity of services and programming across all regions by becoming certified as a WholeLIFE™ provider. We now proudly serve families throughout the Southeastern United States, with coach teams currently on the ground in NC, SC, and FL. As a company and as care providers, we look forward to continuing to grow into more states and cities throughout the Southeast as the need arises.

We also heard the requests of our referral sources, consultants, ancillary providers and partners for an easy, streamlined referral process. And we did just that in 4 simple steps. We eliminated the red tape so that young adults could get enrolled in our program and begin the journey towards independence, often within a few short days.

Sometimes the simplest things feel the hardest. And we know that growing a healthy, happy and thriving young adult takes a village. By seeking partnership, ‘power with ’versus ‘power over’, and transparent communication with all community players, we are seeing tremendous results and lasting change!

If you have a client in the Southeast and would like to explore whether we may be a good fit, please give us a call at 828-417-7122 or email [email protected].