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Starting School and Need Support? We've Got You.

Whether this is your first semester at college or university or if you've started before and been interrupted, our Collegiate Achievement Program gives you the support you need to see yourself to the finish line.

Choose from our 6 week comprehensive skills lab, in-person support on campus or a combination of both. LifeTutors' coaches will join you in setting goals, holding accountability and guiding you to create systems for success that will carry you through graduation day.

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Making the Grade

There is so much focus on mitigating the dangers of the college experience that many institutions may leave out accommodations for those who struggle with mental and emotional health conditions or substance use challenges. A small few colleges provide collegiate support programs where students who struggle with these conditions can find the safety of a compassionate and supportive community. Many campuses, however, have no such program and not enough therapeutic resources to serve the growing population of those in need of support.  Those in recovery are often met with an administrative mentality of “we don’t have that problem here.”

LifeTutors works in collaboration with local colleges and educational institutions to provide the resources and connection needed to help change the trajectory of recovering students’ lives. We are a clinically advised coaching program capable of assessing, advising, advocating, and supporting those in recovery who seek to excel in higher education.

If your student is entering the collegiate world for the first time after navigating emotional and/or behavioral challenges or returning to campus after a disappointing first attempt, we can help. Our coaches walk hand in hand with your student to class, to study hall, back to the apartment, or wherever the support is needed helping give success a fighting chance. We are equipped with study areas, computers, assessment tools, and a team of masters trained educators and advisors to give your student the boost they need.