Greta Lutman



Greta Lutman, LPC, Parent Coach

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology from Wake Forest University in 1988, and my Master's in Agency Counseling (Clinical Mental Health Counseling) from Appalachian State University in 1992. I have worked with adolescents and their families in therapeutic wilderness and boarding school programs throughout the Southeast since 2000 in various roles such as primary therapist, assistant clinical director, clinical director, and parent coach. I came to this field because I wanted to do “big” work; to help people change and grow if they really wanted to. Currently, I have a private psychotherapy practice in Waynesville, North Carolina, where I tend to work most often with adolescents, young adults, and parents.

My clinical orientation is informed by an understanding of Family Systems, Gestalt Therapy, Metaphor Therapy, Transpersonal Work, Structural Family Therapy and Psychodrama. I do not see “the problem” as belonging to any one member of a family, and even apparent problems can be there for good reason; to solve other dilemmas, to create relief for the whole system or to help the family avoid dealing with something that is hard to face. This holistic view can be helpful in creating a more complete picture of what is going on and can create a path towards solving the dynamics that brought families to treatment to begin with. Often a new perspective is needed to help create the potential for change.

In her personal time, Greta loves wandering around small towns and exploring antique shops with my husband David, looking for rare Mid-Century Modern treasures, eating any kind of International Cuisine, and hanging out with our two Belgian Malinois, Trixie and Oso. Four years ago, she went back to school full time to pursue a “bucket list” item, which was to earn my Associates Degree in Professional Crafts: Jewelry. She loves working in my studio designing and fabricating my own jewelry.