LifeTutors: Executive Functioning Support and Mental Health Coaching for Young Adults Across the Nation

Since 2018, LifeTutors has been serving young adults seeking help with independent living skills, executive functioning support and mental health coaching. LifeTutors was created to serve young adults age 18-30+ who are preparing to launch into independence or contemplating change in their lives. Many of our young adults have been in treatment for substance use, mental health concerns, or have participated in wilderness therapy or therapeutic boarding schools as adolescents and young adults. LifeTutors was created to bridge the gap between treatment centers and successful independent living.

LifeTutors began in Asheville, North Carolina and spread quickly across the state- we now provide realtime coaching and mentoring for young adults in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Raleigh, Charlotte and Asheville North Carolina. We serve Greenville, South Carolina in addition to Charleston, South Carolina and are proud to support young adults and their families with realtime services in these areas. LifeTutors quickly expanded and has a stellar team of experienced coaches in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as Orlando, Florida and Miami Florida.

LifeTutors is proud to announce we have just hired a team in College Station Texas, with hopes to expand into Austin and Houston as well.

LifeTutors is fielding calls from across the country: Detroit, Michigan, New York, Maryland, Washington D.C., San Francisco California, as well as Phoenix, Arizona and Nevada.

For those seeking in-person help with executive functioning and independent living skills, give us a call. No matter where you are, we’ll meet you there. If we do currently have LifeCoaches in your city, LifeTutors will locate expert support in your area.

Call 828-417-7122 to speak with an admissions specialist directly who can coordinate LifeCoaches with experience in mental health, specifically tailored to your needs, where you live. LifeTutors hires and trains professionals with backgrounds in social work, education, and mental and behavioral health.

Look no further for highly skilled executive functioning coaches in your area- LifeTutors is a phone call away.

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