Dad to the Rescue: Dorm Room Must-Haves for a Successful Semester

Whether you moved your kid into their dorm for the first time this fall or are already into the college dorm routine, it’s never too late for dad to come to the rescue with awesome dorm room items. Other than attending classes, going to the cafeteria, and hanging out with friends, college students spend much of the time in their dorms studying, sleeping, and passing time. If you have all of the essentials covered, you can start thinking about extras that can help optimize your child’s college experience, whether you’re keeping them organized or buying them a new tablet for their studies. Here, LifeTutors suggests some dorm room must-haves that dad’s can buy to ensure their students have a successful semester. 

Tech on the go 

Tablets are perfect devices to help students with their studies. Although computers may have more processing power, their size and bulkiness aren’t compatible with the on-the-go lifestyle of the average student. A tablet such as the Apple iPad Air 4 offers nearly an A14 bionic chip, and enough processing power for editing documents, web browsing, FaceTime functionality, and more. Students can alternate between an onscreen keyboard and iPad Pro Magic Keyboard whether they’re performing a simple search or writing an entire term paper. 

Of course, not all families are Apple families. If you’re looking for an appropriate Android option, the Lenovo Yoga Book is a solid choice. With its ample battery life, vibrant display, and rich audio, it’s a tablet your student can use for both work and play.

Whichever tablet you choose, be mindful of necessary accessories like chargers, a durable case, screen protection, and comfortable earbuds or headphones.

Organized, not overwhelmed

Students are often overwhelmed by the sheer contrast in responsibilities from high school to college. Take Your Success points out that managing this complicated transition can be tricky without the right organizational strategy. There is a simple, old school tool that can come to the rescue, though: a whiteboard. 

Hanging up a whiteboard calendar on your child’s dorm door is a great way to show your support while providing something that can make it easier to tackle a busy semester. Your kid can keep daily tabs on to-dos, assignments, and upcoming events. Make sure to buy a few extra dry-erase markers as they tend to run out quickly when used on a regular basis. 

Buy a compact vacuum cleaner. 

College students are notorious for being a tad more laissez-faire when it comes to cleaning than the average person. When you combine this tendency with tight living quarters and a roommate, there’s a good chance your child’s dorm room will get out of hand quickly. 

To help make it easier to clean and manage, invest in a compact vacuum cleaner with the ability to get around tight corners and under beds without taking up too much room. You can purchase these devices for a reasonable price. Even if your child isn’t psyched about the gift right away, they’ll be ecstatic when they can save their room from becoming a pig sty. 

Install items that offer extra storage space. 

Moving into a dorm room can be a shock for people used to having their own, average-sized room. Not only do they suddenly have to share space, but that space is also considerably smaller than what they are used to. 

Dads can help students maximize what space there is by installing items that offer extra storage space without taking up too much room. HGTV notes pull-out boxes that rest under the bed are a great use of otherwise wasted space. You can also hang up some baskets with hooks for storing odds and ends, or add some shelving. It’s always a good idea to think vertically when space is becoming limited. 

Fathers want the very best for their children during all stages of their life. Since college is a stark transition into adulthood, it’s nice when dads put forth some effort to make their child’s future a little bit easier. When moving your kid into their dorm, you can be a hero by ensuring they have everything needed for a successful semester. 

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This guest article was graciously contributed by Leslie Campos, founder of Well Parents. Leslie knows that to raise well kids, parents have to take care of and invest in themselves, too. Whether it is exercise and body movement, eating a nutrient-dense diet, or coping with stress, Leslie has numerous articles to support you. Check out her website for tips and resources so you can show up fully as a parent.