LifeTutors Collegiate Achievement Framework

Collegiate success has been a chief concern among our families with prospective or currently enrolled students.

A long term goal, graduating college is the culmination of several factors which must be addressed individually and together.

Not unlike each of you, families and students both were concerned about academic success, independent living skills, executive functioning, and stress management in the face all these big changes.

At LifeTutors, most of our young adults have had at least one incomplete attempt at college, many have had several.

They are not alone and many young adults across the nation are experiencing difficulty with managing it all.

Students with disabilities, learning differences and executive functioning challenges tend to fair even harder.

Their challenges with executive functioning tend to feel unmanageable or overwhelming, and many opt for a leave of absence, a medical withdrawal, or drop out entirely.

Many students in our flagship program had several unsuccessful attempts at college for these reasons.

It is our firm belief at LifeTutors that students are not graduating because they lack the ability or intelligence to do so- rather, they lack the appropriate tools, guides, and resources. That’s where we come in: with experienced, dedicated professionals here to support your child’s journey and transition to independence.

We found our flagship young adult coaching program included many students who desired to focus on academics as their top and main priority, especially if their skills were more developed in other areas.

Many of our young adults were finding the transition to or going back to college extremely difficult although it is their biggest goal in life. The pressure of academic performance combined with time management, social challenges, relationship issues, and mental health concerns could make success and graduation feel distant or unreachable. The shocking difference between reality and expectation of this experience is jarring and can feel defeating.

Some report feeling “thrown to the wolves” having to figure out and manage so many new things at once they feel deeply underprepared or unready for.

This led us to create a framework around addressing each of their collegiate needs: preparation, transition, and completion.

So, what is CAP about? Our Collegiate Achievement Program (CAP for short) is a six week skills lab conducted immediately before a student leaves for campus to help them prepare.

Throughout this 6 week framework, we address the top challenges and anticipate specific needs that your young adult will likely experience.

Three times per week with a skilled, certified life coach (IN PERSON), they will practice the academic, independent living, executive functioning and socio-emotional skills necessary to thrive in a college environment.

Week 1: Orientation
We will make a plan to assist you, start-to-finish, from prep to move, that will help them feel comfortable with the exciting changes happening in their lives. This includes defining immediate and future goals, exploring barriers to success, and determining the steps ahead that we will take together.

Week 2: Campus 101
This week is designed to address the anxiety young adults have around navigating everyday life in a foreign place: campus. We cover college and city maps, highlight key areas of interest, bus routes, and locate all resources they need- on and off campus.

Week 3: Study Hall
Week three is designed to assess procrastination around study habits, review best study practices, and develop time management strategies.

Week 4: Extra-Curriculars
LifeTutors recognizes the importance of relationships, social skills, and connection. This week we focus on clubs, organizations, and places off campus the young adult is interested in. We discuss many topics around socializing, including social etiquette, conflict resolution, boundary setting, and personal safety.

Week 5: Dorm Room Ready
This week we focus on executive functioning skills, task management, budgeting, independent living and home and personal hygiene.

In week 5, we go over a checklist and a shopping list, and budget as well to do so. Our coaches will even go shopping with your young adult or help them gather any last-minute items together.

Week 6: Game Day
This is the week we anticipate your young adult having physically made the move to campus! Coaches work virtually with your young adult this week so they might connect with them after they move.

Our coaches will be engaging in several ways to help ensure a warm transition which includes:

-Processing the emotions that have or may come up during this new period

-Wrap up any remaining goals to complete this week

-Review all syllabi together

-Import due dates and assignments and deadlines into personal calendar

We will work together to address any concerns that appear and create a sustainable framework your young adult can follow over the course of the semester.

Our goal is to ensure you are primed for success, every step of the way in this virtual skills lab.

Need an Extension?

No problem. Our program is customized to meet your needs, and we are available to assist you throughout the semester for your ongoing transition. We are available to hire coaches in your young adult’s collegiate city to continue working with them one-on-one throughout the semester if you choose.

Don’t need the skills lab? There’s no pre-requisites here.

We can support your young adult 3-5 times per week in-person, throughout the semester AND the summer should they choose.

As the spring rapidly becomes summer, please connect with us at 828-417-7122 or [email protected] to ask about CAP!

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