A Word From Erica Thiessen, Our New Clinical Director

Hello friends, colleagues, community, and fellow seekers of learning and growth ~

I am so honored to be stepping into the role of Clinical Director at Life Tutors, joining such a sharp and heartfelt team of individuals. This new beginning feels synchronistic in many ways; I have been a friend of Life Tutors since its inception and followed their growth through the years. Life Tutors has blossomed into a dynamic and holistic team approach supporting young adults in finding their best path forward. I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to walk alongside you now.

Although I have over 20 years of experience in clinical roles, often within residential and wilderness programs, the concept of coaching has been close to my heart since my years as a high school and collegiate swimmer.

While athletic coaching is vastly different than Life Coaching, the Golden Thread of a Coach is to see the greatest possibilities in someone and help them find the best in themselves. A Coach can offer skills and help develop goals; however, it is within the Relationship that skills turn to habits turn to insightful and intentional patterns. This was my experience, and it’s part of the vision I am stepping into now.

As a clinician, I look forward to offering guidance, supervision and support to our coaching teams. I am a Certified Parent Coach and have training in several Life Coaching approaches, I look forward to completing my WholeLife Certification soon. As a clinically informed coaching program, it is important to know when we’re touching on topics that need clinical support, and we work collaboratively with a client’s therapist, psychiatrist, and extended team members to support a young adult in a comprehensive manner. It feels like a perfect fit for my experience, passion and strengths.

Thank you for the warm welcome I have received stepping into this role. I look forward to working within this community and reconnecting with many of you. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to say hello!


Erica Thiessen, LCMHCS, LCPP

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