Finishing the Semester Strong

A Strong Ending to the Semester

The period between Thanksgiving and the end of the academic year is an opportune time for students to get “off track” with their academic goals. With little time and final projects, papers, and exams looming, students may experience anxiety and become overwhelmed. If students have procrastinated, missed assignments, or earned low grades this anxiety may be heightened as well as the risk of self-sabotage. With the holidays fast approaching, how can students ensure their academic best and a strong finish to the semester?    There are three strategies our Whole Life™ Certified LifeCoaches use in order to support our clients in experiencing a strong finish to the end of the semester. 

1.Enhance Current Position 

2.Time Management 

3.Focus on The Finals

Enhance Your Current Position

Check your grades and attendance. In order to know how to improve, we must know where we stand. This process may be as easy as checking your online portal. Make note of any missed assignments, particularly low grades, or attendance issues. 

Makeup missing assignments. Raising grades as quickly as possible requires completing and turning in any assignments graded as a 0 or un-submitted. Even if a penalty is applied, final grades can significantly improve when missed assignments are made up. Missing assignments should be addressed immediately. 

Revisit low grades. Students may have the opportunity to re-take or add extra credit to specific assignments. Reflect on study habits or incidents surrounding particularly low graded assignments and prepare to set goals that reflect healthier study habits. 

Ask for extra credit. Instructors may offer extra credit for assignments where students received low grades across the board or on a set number of points. Some instructors may include opportunities to increase an attendance grade by attending an event at your school. ASK! Use every opportunity presented to increase your overall score. Every point counts.

Manage Your Time 

Time-block and pre-plan your assignments/study time. Create a weekly/monthly schedule and stick to it. Use your reflections around low grades and missed assignments to set goals around scheduling. Give yourself ample time to draft, research, write and edit- all before the due date. 

Attend all classes, no matter what. Even if you have a few unexcused absences available to use, don’t. Teachers may give extra credit to sitting students or study opportunities during class time. Use every moment of your class time wisely. 

Focus on Final Items

Make final assignments the priority. After missing assignments are completed, attention shifts to completing final assignments thoroughly, successfully, and on time. Ask questions, create drafts and prioritize assignments based on due dates and weight in final grading. Many final projects are worth a considerable amount of your final grade- prioritize and give them attention. 

Even if students have struggled during the semester, opportunities remain to improve and end the semester on a high note. If you have any questions about the ways we can support your student, email us at [email protected] or call 828-747-1542. Our admissions office can discuss your needs, goals, and how we can finish strong together.