Diving into LifeTutors: Our Model

 “It takes a village to raise a child” is an African proverb that means that an entire community of people must provide for and interact positively with children. 

And let’s be honest- coming into adulthood is not an easy chapter along the human journey and presents challenges for the young person as well as the family system. Great obstacles may arise as parents and caregivers make attempts to pave the best roads for our children in coordination, linking with resources, monitoring healthy evolution, providing opportunities for success, and the list goes on. This is where having a dedicated group of life coaches and mentors, clinical professions, grounded leaders, vocational specialists, parent coaches and other necessary roles will prove advantageous for those looking to find true north.

LifeTutors understands young adult challenges, family systems and has built a coaching model to specifically meet those needs. Our triad team model is composed of two life coach-mentors and a clinical supervisor to ensure quality of services and evidence-based practices. We focus on process over content so that the emerging adult can gain the necessary skills to meet each challenge in life in a reliable and consistent way. Our team provides opportunities to practice accountability and all that comes with becoming a responsible adult in the world. A well-established program model is oftentimes easier to stick with until desired results are met.  While it is possible that a single independent life coach may help your young person reach some of their goals, it may prove less than ideal as many collaborative components can be missing or go unaddressed from a comprehensive approach. Thus, the village!

What does this have to do with the triad model or our system of “collaborative coaching”?  Many of us feel fortunate to have several people in our lives who coach us and help us see “blind spots” in our thinking and our actions. We have specialists who help us with finances, others who are skilled at helping us with organization, fitness coaches that pushes us and help us gain strength, endurance, and flexibility. We likely wouldn’t have one coach to do all of those things so what causes us to believe that the one coach/one client model may be effective?  By having two life coaches and mentors or “Life Tutors” and a clinical professional to guide the way, we have a solid wrap-around care team and create options for both specialization of coaching and integrative mentoring.  

Further, we have a Whole Fit Wheel Model that lays the framework for how we coach clients. Our team is working with Dr. Jared, Dupree, author of WholeFIT: Wellness for Life, and is certifying all of our coaches in the WholeFIT methodology. We take an integrated and holistic approach to the work we do with clients. Looking at “all pieces of the puzzle” allows us to see the client as a whole human, with unique desires, needs, struggles, and aspirations. Viewing the whole picture allows us to impart lasting change when working with clients.

We are incredibly proud of our Triad Team model and our Whole Fit Wheel Model, which allows us to serve your family at the highest level with a team of professionals ready to partner with your family for impactful and meaningful real change. If you’d like to learn more about our model and approaches, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to talk with you about what matters in your world. 

Does your adolescent or young adult need a helping hand gaining independence and creating a fulfilling life of their own?

Call us today to see if LifeTutors would be the right fit for your young adult and family!


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