Katie Smith

Program Director

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Katie Smith

Originally from Brevard, NC, Katie came to LifeTutors with a strong background in education and in youth leadership. Katie began her career in education teaching English in Bratislava, Slovakia for five years. In this role, Katie experienced not only teaching state-mandated standards but also, and more impactfully, learned the importance of helping students grow emotionally and learn ways to help them reach the next level. During her time there, she was promoted to being the Director of the Language Department which included training teachers, leading in-services and meeting with families.

After returning to the states, Katie taught fifth grade students in the Asheville area. During her time teaching, much of her energy and focus turned from teaching NC standards and instead moved toward helping meet the emotional and, at times, physical needs of many of the students in her classes. Being a teacher taught Katie that her passion lies more in helping meet the needs of our youth much more than delivering instruction and meeting educational standards alone.

It was with this understanding that Katie left the teaching world and set out on a quest to better equip our young folks for the realities of adulthood that await them after graduation. Katie joined LifeTutors as a LifeCoach in February of 2021. Katie quickly stepped into a leadership role spearheading small groups with clients and taking the lead organizing our Coach Round Table meetings while balancing coaching and earning her WholeLIFE™ certification. It was a natural fit for Katie to step into the role of Program Director in January of 2023; leading the charge in existing programming and creating new programming as well.

Katie believes that everyone is capable of setting and meeting their goals and is living proof of this philosophy. Reach out to explore how you can be part of this, too. Let's work together to identify your goals and create supportive strategies to ensure that you reach them. Email us at [email protected].