Irijiah McDowell


Irijiah McDowell

Irijah McDowell is a Nutripath. Holistic Health Coach 8 owner of Nature of Health in Asheville.
NC. He specializes in identifying the body's nutritional needs 8. helping to orient individuals in
how to listen to their body. He is passionate about teaching how to apply holistic habits to live in
a healthy way.

Irijah graduated as a Nutripath in 2006 with a 5 year degree in European Biological Medicine
from the American College of Nutripathy. He is trained in Live Blood Cell Microscopy. Holistic
Health 8. is a Certified Biofeedback Technician. In addition to his years of work as a Nutripath,
he started offering Holistic Health Coaching in January of 2022 8. enjoys empowering people
with holistic principles to bring more health 8. vitality to their lives. Irijah has taught many classes
8. workshops on how to build better habits & the holistic approach to living healthy.

Irijah has worked as an Artistic Director for multiple events in the Asheville area. He also has
over 7 years of experience teaching workshops in flow arts. In addition he has hosted summer
day camps. after school programs 8. interactive activity areas for children, teens 8. young adults.

In my daily life 8. in my work I choose to be a kind hearted conscious communicator. showing up
to listen with love!

I highly value being a loving 8. dedicated father of 3 wonderful children. I am grateful as well to
be in a consciously loving 8. supportive partnership. In my life I focus on growth 8. truth as my
highest values.

I enjoy helping people get into their bodies to release tensions 8. distractions in order to be
more focused in the present moment. I enjoy being community oriented by participating in 8.
producing local events. I am passionate about teaching people how to listen to the body 8. to
nature on a deeper level.

"I truly believe in the innate 8. adaptive self-healing power of the human body when we are in a
symbiotic relationship with naturelt"