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Erica Thiessen

Erica Thiessen


Erica Thiessen is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Supervisor, and Certified Parent Coach, with more than 20 years of clinical experience working with individuals, families, adolescents, and parents in a variety of settings. Her practice is anchored in holistic and somatic theories, with a trauma informed lens and relationally based approach.

Although native to Northern California, Erica has embraced living in all four corners of the country - and then some. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, she had opportunities to enjoy time in nature, adventures with family, athletic competition, and international exchange adventures; Mexico and Sweden in particular. Her upbringing with dynamic experiences and mentors offered her insight into the power of strong community.

Erica studied psychology and women’s studies at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. She also competed on their nationally ranked swim team, which fostered her appreciation for the resilience of body and spirit. After college, she spent years working with homelessness and crisis management, initially through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Philadelphia and later back in Seattle. Those years were formative in her relational and systems oriented approach. During that time, Erica also received training as a massage therapist with a focus on sports and energetics. She learned not only how the body holds stress and trauma, but also the wisdom of the nervous system and soma’s ability to heal.

Erica went on to graduate school in New England to earn a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with a focus on Trauma and Somatic therapies. Since graduate school, Erica has worked on the leading edges of mindfulness, neuro-developmental, attachment and experiential based approaches. Erica has worked in many treatment settings, including wilderness therapy, boarding schools, community and school-based programming, and individual counseling.

The landscape of therapy, healing and personal growth has blossomed tremendously during the years of Erica’s professional work. Her approach and perspective has been honed by ongoing education into trauma informed somatic approaches, as well as family and strength based systems. Nonetheless, her roots remain in relationship, connection, playfulness and care. Erica has called Asheville, NC home for nearly 20 years and when not working is likely to be found spending time with friends and community - often on a hike or at hot yoga. She also enjoys traveling, visiting with family, and dog-sitting for friends.