Is Everyone Really in Recovery from Something?

Well, the short answer, we certainly hope so, because certainly every person is in need of recovery from something. Life is a contact sport and none of us are getting out of here unscathed. All of us carry scars and bruises below the surfaces. What the clinical world and the mindfulness folks have been trying to tell us for years has now been proven by empirical data: stress, guilt, grief, resentment, unresolved trauma….they lead to inflammation in the body and make us susceptible to disease and mental health disorders and behavioral maladies. They feed cancer and eating disorders and addiction. We find coping mechanisms that once served us have become problematic.

People in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction or who have experienced times of acuity with a mental health condition often pick up the banner of “recovery” and express gratitude for the early hardships that made them come to see the old ways weren’t working and make room for new life. Whether the old encompassed belief systems, behavior patterns, toxic relationships, poor self-esteem, many have come to find freedom at a much deeper level than putting down the drink or following a treatment plan. And those of us fortunate enough to have such epiphanies have all come to the place of “and now what?”.

This is the reason Life Tutors exists. We’re here to help you navigate these intersections and crossroads, to hear you and know you, and help you create freedom and space in your life, as well as provide the encouragement, practical resources, accountability, and a plan of action to get you on the road to sustainable wholeness. That is our definition of recovery. We provide recovery management and coaching for anyone wanting to experience wholeness and release:  co-dependency, low self-esteem, perfectionism, failure to launch syndrome, hopelessness, instability, an overgrown sense of fight or flight, anxiety, workaholism, shame, not-enoughness, love and relationship addiction or anorexia, avoidance, eating disorders, drug addiction, procrastination, emotionalism, alcohol abuse, ptsd, and so on. What could you imagine releasing today that’s no longer serving you? Tell us how we can help. We believe successful recovery from anything involves a sense of ownership. We partner with you in actualizing your recovery, as you define it.


Todd Weatherly

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