Taking Stock

When our clients are stepping into independence it’s incredibly important for them to “take stock” of where they are.  This is a practice of self discovery and requires some reflection on who you really are. Doing this can be a bit challenging and a little uncomfortable. Many of us live on “autopilot” going through life without stopping to get our bearings. We get far enough down that path and we begin to forget who we are; we lose ourselves.

For our clients its about being still. Stillness is a practice and sitting still is unnerving for those who haven’t tried it. This practice is about allowing the mind to settle, discomfort to pass, and clarity to arise. Many young adults and even their parents don’t have this practice in their lives and it has an impact on emotional health.  Stillness opens the door to insight and essential personal information for making decisions. And when it’s time for action you still have to stay on the path of mindfulness as steps are being take.

Once people know what they want, the try to take 10 steps at once so they can skip to the end. One of my favorite sayings is “go as fast as you can but as slow as you must.” Our clients are anxious see movement in an effort to regain what has been lost. Some try to start out with a full course load at school or a full time job or both without considering other options or knowing their limits. We have to remind everyone that the emergency is over and it’s time to move mindfully when taking the next right step.


Todd Weatherly

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