Trey Crispin


Trey Crispin

Trey Crispin is an Tai Chi and Qigong instructor and true Life Skills Coach with 20 years of teaching/coaching experience. He has worked with top level executives and professionals, homeless out reach groups, and every one in between to co-create and develop new personal tools and protocols that support his clients attaining their self-identified goals. He holds an instructor certification in Shaolin Tai Chi Chuan and a 3500 hour instructor certification from the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association (ATCQA). He has been a contractor working with Life Tutors for the last 2 years as a Life Skills Coach. His role at Life Tutors is working with clients in the field teaching mind body connection and an array of other core life skills such as personal budgeting, home space hygiene, cooking tasty and healthy food on a budget, music and food explorations, social dancing, and Appalachian forest appreciation.

His coaching style supports clients to discover, strengthen and embody the mind body connection we all possess. Many clients have re-written their personal mythology around anxiety, sensitivity, and being a highly sensitive human that often gets overwhelmed after working with Trey. Making space for the changes then supporting them to improve a persons quality of life from the bottom to the top is what Trey is most passionate about.

Trey lives in Asheville North Carolina where for the joy of it he is active in the creation of live ecstatic dance music and supporting his community where he can. The beauty, the community, and the feel of Asheville have kept him here for 16 years and is where he owns a house that is his home. He also stays in touch with the Eastern Sierras of California and Long Island, Suffolk County, New York which is where he started this life and where parts of his family are is living.

Some of his consulting clients are the Asheville VA Hospital (Long Term Pain Management Group, Substance Recovery Group, and Long Term PTSD Group), Mission Hospital, CooperRiis Recovery, Asheville City School District, UNCA, SweetRush, Multiple l