Roberta Greenspan


Roberta Greenspan

Joy, gratitude, connection and meaningful moments are some of my guideposts in working with others AND myself. If someone’s life has more of these moments, then their larger connection to the universe is felt, and our work together simply is. Hope, motivation and movement come from a place of feeling support and with a confidence that accomplishment is possible and help is available.

My work has evolved from a lifelong quest to explore and heal the pain of confusing emotional abandonment from a loving family, and the manifestations of that which can persist throughout one’s life. Addressing one’s feelings based on frozen needs offers a roadmap to navigate the maze.

Music has led the way since childhood, and coordinating community garden programs early in my work history brought me in touch with rich community experiences. As a certified nursing assistant, I provided 24/7 care to an elderly couple, where I seized the opportunity of extreme case study for 4 years, observing and assessing changes. We co-created satisfying shared solutions that culminated their rediscovered love for each other during the last years of their lives.

As a peer support specialist, my volunteer and subsequent full time work of the last 5 years is about being an extraordinary listener, mirroring back feelings and thoughts, creating joy to help break the cycles of negative frequencies, and creating the environment for reframed situations. Using examples from my life, with good boundaries, can help participants to feel less alone in their pain and flexible to explore other options.

In between the obvious explorations of this heart work, you can find me hiking, cycling, gardening, in deep conversation with friends, and playing fiddle and singing in my music duo, “Cuddle In The Cosmos.” With great gratitude, I embrace the work with Life Tutors to explore these concepts in focused 1 on 1 sessions with a balance of teaching resiliency and offering support.