Comprehensive Life Coaching Services

Life Tutors exists to help you field the curveballs and meet you in the intersections; a place to be heard and to be seen. Life is a contact sport. No one is getting out of here unscathed, and every person can benefit from a little perspective and encouragement; support that shows up to partner with you in the midst of crisis, in healing from the past, or finally taking the leap to transition to the next level. Life Tutors helps you get back on track and stay the course, or actualize the next leg of the journey.

Individualized Evaluation
Individualized Evaluation


Our initial evaluation determines if the person is appropriate for our program and whether or not they may need our intensive level of care. We complete a review of previous assessments, treatment notes, and/or discharge summaries. We also work with the client to develop a goal and action oriented LifePlan.

LifePlans for Independence
Resources at your fingertips


We work with young adults who are launching into independence out of treatment environments. Our coaching model involves in person support and guidance for helping our clients become independent adults through healthy living habits, positive social skills, executive functioning, physical health and recreation.

Goal setting for your future
Goal setting for your future

Academic & Vocational Coaching

We work together with our clients and their families to help identify the appropriate learning and work environment suited to their goals, interests, and capabilities. Once we develop the LifePlan our coaches help them move through the challenges of finding work and completing school.