Deb Criss


Deb Criss

In my alternative practice, of 13 years, I was referred by licensed psychologists to do breath work and emotional release work, with people who had frozen trauma from the past, if the person was not on medications. I worked with Warren Wilson students as well

as other ages, usually from 18 years to 35. Being a musician I also helped younger people, discover themselves through singing,and in finding their own voice.

I have a BA. in holistic counseling and nutrition from Goddard College, Vermont, a two year certified training in ” Relationship Training” from Loy Young, Dr. in psychology from San Diego CA. Attended East Tenn State for two years, for electives, and have a 2

year nursing degree from Lindsey Hopkins Vocational School in Miami Fla.

From personal experience, my grandson has fought with opiate addiction. He is 30 at this point, so it has been  a 12 year life lesson.  Through this journey, I was in Naranon, for a few years, for help in setting clear healthy boundaries and for  my own support.

I feel I have learned to blend compassion, with some  tough love, or we can say, “healthy boundaries”.

I like to do very practical things and work with my hands, or help with organizing. Cooperation and working with a team, as well as an  individual one on one inspires me.

I am ready and willing to learn new things and follow the protocol that is presented to me, inspired by growing and sharing in any situation, turning what is seemingly "bad" into a positive situation.


Holding space for others and listening seems to be one thing I feel that I offer. Helping people be open for solutions combined with inspiration. Sharing music/art.